What’s Next?

moreauhousecoversmallMoreau House, the 3rd book in my Evie Cappelli series, came out last month (do you have your copy yet?). While I do have plans to eventually revisit Evie and her world, it won’t be in the form of a full length novel. Moreau House effectively wraps up the series.

Never fear, there’s lots more in the works!

Here on the blog I’ll be continuing my monthly indie book reviews and Mental Health Mondays (if you’d like to participate in either of these, just click the tabs above).

I’ll also be continuing to add to my author appearances (again, check the tab above). I’m hoping to add at least one more to my list for 2018. If you’re planning an event, or would like to have me speak to your class, 4-H group, book club, writing group, or other organization, just check the Events and Appearances tab for information on how to schedule.

runnerup (1)Obviously, I’m not resting on my laurels. I have a lot of books in the works! My next release will be ALL FOR ONE, my #ShoreIndie submission (and the runner up), which I’ll be introducing you to more in April, as well as officially announcing the release date (hopefully I’ll have some cover art for you, too).

I also have another release planned for the fall, but I’m not ready to divulge any details on that yet. You’ll just have to wait and see. It’ll be a mystery. 🙂

So yes, that’s a total of THREE books I’ll be putting out in 2018, which is insanely hectic, but it’s definitely the good kind of busy.

There will be a shift in 2018-2019 as I lean more toward historical fiction–Gothic mysteries, paranormal stories set pre-1930, and maybe even a straight historical fiction book or two. You’ll still find things in the same flavor of Evie, but older, more mature. If Evie were a wine cooler, what comes next will be more like Merlot. You’ll still find humor, feminism, and probably some textiles–as well as ghosts and magic.

As always, I’m open to answering questions, or helping emerging authors. I’m really familiar with what it means to be hard up on cash, so most of my services are available on a donation basis, and I’m continually updating the things I have on offer.

Stay tuned, because there’s definitely more to some!


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