The Evie Cappelli Soundtrack

Music has always been a huge part of my writing process, but it was particularly important when writing Evie.

From the get-go, I pictured each book as a tv series in my head. There are entire albums I listened to on repeat that I could point to and just say “This is it. This is the soundtrack for the entire book.”

I actually lost my Evie playlist back in November when my old laptop finally bit the dust after four and a half years. I’m slowly re-compiling my itunes library, but lost all of my old playlists.

If I had to pick a few songs, however (and not all from the same album!) here are the ones I’d pick for each book:

spiderswebsmallThe Spider’s Web

  1. Scars–Papa Roach
  2. Unraveling–Tyler Kyte
  3. Broken–Seether
  4. If We Ever Meet Again–Timbaland
  5. Change the World–Finger Eleven
  6. Somebody Help Me–Anna Tsuchiya
  7. Imaginary–Evenesance
  8. Whatya Want From Me–Adam Lambert
  9. Life is Beautiful–Sixx:A.M.
  10. Numb–Linkin Park
  11. The Hope of Morning–Icon for Hire
  12. Silver and Cold–AFI
  13. Personal Jesus–Marilyn Manson

ferrymensmallThe Ferrymen

  1. Bring Me To Life–Evanescance
  2. Bleed it Out–Linkin Park
  3. Crazy Train–Ozzy Osbourne
  4. The Death and Resurrection Show–Killing Joke
  5. Never Too Late–Three Days Grace
  6. Rebel Love Song–Black Veil Brides
  7. Time for Miracles–Adam Lambert
  8. I Devise My Own Demise–Papa Roach
  9. Misguided Ghosts–Paramore
  10. Leave Me Alone–P!nk
  11. We Don’t Have to Dance–Andy Black
  12. Supposed to Be–Icon for Hire
  13. How Soon is Now–Love Spit Love

moreauhousecoversmallMoreau House

  1. More Human than Human–White Zombie
  2. Given Up–Linkin Park
  3. I was Walking with a Ghost–Teagen and Sara
  4. Highway to Hell–AC/DC
  5. Get Out Alive–Three Days Grace
  6. World Behind My Wall–Tokio Hotel
  7. Music Again–Adam Lambert
  8. Demon Eyes–The Answer
  9. Born for This–Paramore
  10. Roses on My Grave–Papa Roach
  11. Carry On–Kansas
  12. Bring Me to Life–Evanescence
  13. My Evil Ways–The Nearly Deads

Don’t forget to check out Moreau House, which will be out next week!

Like what you see? Try listening to the soundtracks while reading the entire series. You can enter to win a full set of the Evie Cappelli series here.

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