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2018 Events and Appearances

It’s time to update my calendar for 2018!

I have a lot of things planned, though some of them still are up in the air. Right now I have 2 confirmed appearances.

The first is a book and author luncheon in New Castle, IN. I’m super excited for this because it’s my first out of state author appearance! I’ll be there from 9am-2pm. As far as I know there isn’t a website set up for this event, but if I get any additional information I’ll post it on my Events page. Admission is free (I think), but if you stay for the lunch then you do have to pay for food. I’m not sure on the spectator cost at the moment.

Secondly, Ash and I will once again be hosting panels at Steampunk Symposium. I’ll put up the full list once the schedule comes out, but we will be co-hosting the writing workshop as well as discussions on the writing community, indie and self publishing, and historical research. My books will be for sale in the convention book store, and you can feel free to flag me down at any point for a signature, or just to say hi.

As always, check out the Events tab above if you want more details, the current list of all appearances, or would like to arrange one for your organization.

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