Moreau House Teaser: Trojan & Vanity

Last week I introduced you to Cora, one of the new-ish characters in Moreau House.

There are two other new characters in this book, and I love them both. My one regret in writing Moreau House is that I couldn’t give them bigger roles. But who knows? Maybe they’ll get a short story later on…(no promises, though. Shorts aren’t really my thing).

Trojan and Vanity are completely new characters to Evie’s world. They are a few years older than her, and friends she meets through her cousin, Isaiah.



I tried to keep my jaw from dropping. She looked like she’d just stepped off a runway. Designer jeans, a chic winter coat with fur trim, and adorable boots

. Her smile flashed snow white across her smooth, dark face. Long black hair tumbled almost to her waist, like it had been arranged for a photo shoot.

A born and bred Montrealer, Vanity is the epitome of class and grace. She’s a former model, and a one-time amateur ballerina. She’s also very down to earth, and a literature major. If I could cast her, it would be Princess Davis.

Trojan is significantly harder to cast, as I haven’t seen anyone who matches the image I have in my head. The closest I’ve found is Kate McKinnon as Holtzman in the new Ghostbusters, but that’s still not right.

Trojan is non-binary, and completely androgynous. This throws Evie a bit when they first meet, as it’s her first experience with someone who doesn’t identify as male or female, and her mind automatically tries to classify Trojan as one or the other. Once she gets their pronouns however, it’s smooth sailing.

The resident computer whiz, Trojan got their nickname by collecting computer viruses in high school, and turning them loose on a few select people. Mostly reformed, they now use their skills designing computer software.

A blond sat behind one of the monitors. I stared for a moment, trying to decide if they were male or female; it was hard to tell. He—she?—had clipped one side of their head very short, while on the other blond hair fell in waves to the shoulder. The heavy winter coat made any other clues completely invisible.

“This is Trojan, they run the tech,” Vanity said. Trojan glanced up at her, pushing their glasses up their nose. They greeted us with a smile to match Vanity’s.

“So you guys are the newbies, huh? Ever done this before?”

Not even the voice gave a clue. I blinked a couple of times, my brain still trying to classify Trojan into one camp or the other. She—he?—seemed to read my expression. And sighed. “Yes, my name really is Trojan. My preferred pronouns are they-them-theirs. And you?”

These two are so much fun for me to write. While they are an on again/off again casual couple, they are friends first, and have known each other for years. I wish I could have shown more of their chemistry in this book.

Obviously, Trojan and Vanity are  not the names that appear on their birth certificates, but those are the names they go by. Will you ever find out what their given names are? Maybe. We’ll have to see. 🙂

Moreau House will be out on February 27, in ebook and paperback.

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