Moreau House Teaser: Cora

In contrast to all the new characters introduced in THE FERRYMEN, MOREAU HOUSE has a much more limited cast, which is honestly how I prefer to work–I like having a “closed set.”

Cora was first introduced in the short THE TEN OF CUPS (which can be found in THE NIGHT WARS COLLECTION).

She and Isaiah have been friends for several years at this point, and they share an apartment near McGill University.

Cora sighed. “You want to know what I think?”


“I think you need to put your cards away and go outside. For one thing, you’ll probably have better luck finding a job if you actually get out there and put in applications.”

I glowered at her. “This from the girl who spends all day playing Fallout Four and is so pale she glows in the dark?”

“I design games for a living, Isaiah. It’s research. And I have sensitive skin. You, however, have not left this apartment in two weeks, and you ate my emergency chocolate stash.”

“I’m in mourning.”

“Get out of here. Go for a walk.”

I sighed and stared down at the Moon. All three of Hecate’s faces seemed to stare back disapprovingly.


Cora and Isaiah met in Vancouver, through the PRIDE community. Cora is interested in women, but doesn’t have any romantic attachments in TToC or MH, though she does have a crush on Vanity (you’ll meet her in a couple of weeks. (: ). Honestly, everyone has a crush on vanity.

Her occasionally strong personality means that Cora doesn’t get along with everyone. She can be very impatient with Evie, and doesn’t always understand her moods or her reticence around people. Rather than knocking politely, she’s much more likely to charge into a situation with a batter ram, and that gets her into some trouble in MH.

530444ad180ca08b8bcafb455976eb48-nikki-blonsky-beautiful-womenCora is sarcastic, but also fiercly loyal–if she ever ran into Isaiah’s ex again, she’d probably give him a black eye for hurting her friend so badly.

She also happens to be a video game designer for one of the many companies in and around the Montreal area, and works primarily from home. Her specialty is first person shooters, though she loves any game with a lot of action. And explosions.

If I were going to cast someone to play Cora, it would be Nikki Blonsky.