Moreau House Release Date and Cover Reveal!

Are you excited? I am.

The third and final book in the Evie Cappelli series will be out next year. If you’re a member of my mailing list or my Patreon, then you already knew that. In fact, this would be old news to you.

But, if you’re not, never fear (and don’t forget to sign up in the sidebar so you’ll be the first to know next time!). Can I get a drumroll, please?


Moreau House will be out on Tuesday, February 27, 2018, in ebook and paperback. And this time we get Micha on the cover!

More details will follow, of course. For now, all I can give you is the blurb:

Evie Cappelli is not a people-person.

Unfortunately, her boyfriend Micha definitely is, and so Evie gets dragged along for a weekend of ghost hunting with her cousin, his boyfriend, and three of their friends.

A trained Night Patrol officer and one of Hekate’s ferrymen, Evie assumes she’ll have more trouble from the living than the dead on this trip, but the eerie farm house quickly exceeds expectations with mysterious noises, disembodied voices, and objects that move on their own.

But when one of their number vanishes in the middle of the investigation, the danger becomes palpable, and it’s up to Evie and Micha ensure they make it through the night.