Finished Object Friday

So much crafting!

I used the leftover yarn from the last hat I showed you. I used the same pattern of decreases used in the Rock Cap, but those are the only similarities. Mostly, I was just winging it.

But now I have 2 children’s hats to send to charity.

I’ve still got more projects on the needles, of course, but nothing I’m willing to share just yet. If you’re signed up for the mailing list, then you’ve already gotten a preview or at least a hint on one of them, and if not, what are you waiting for?

20171013_170733.jpgIn addition to knitting, I’ve been doing a ton of sewing. So far I’ve made three skirts, and spruced up a fourth to wear for our Halloween event at the Village.

I love this tea skirt. I made it from a remnant. The colors are perfect, and work so well with the rest of my fall wardrobe. It’s a very simple design I threw together in an evening. Since the fabric was a remnant, I had to make it all count–there are two rectangular panels for the front and back, with a few darts thrown in to make them a little more trapazoidal in shape. I saved about 2″ of fabric to make an elastic casing, and used 3/4″ elastic for the waistband. The hem is just double turned and machine stitched with a straight stitch.


I saw this poison fabric at JoAnns and knew it had to come home with me, no matter what. Originally I was going to make a dress, but after realizing that a) the color would look horrible with my skin tone and b) Ash would probably kill me in my sleep and steal the fabric for herself because it’s so awesome, I decided to make us each a skirt for Halloween instead.

And if you think we will only wear these skirts in October, then you don’t know either of us very well. 🙂

My last project was adding trim to my black village skirt. Originally intended for the 1860s, I can wear this with a hoop, but the shape is just not quite right for the period. It’s perfect for 1870-1900, though, and I plan to make a bustle/overskirt for it to wear to steampunk events. I don’t have any good pictures of it though–black on black is incredibly hard to photograph.

And just for the record, all of that trim–and the hem, which I had to raise 3″ to wear without the hoop–were all hand sewn in a week before All Hallows Eve! (hence the cover photo)


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