#HouseCupReadingChallenge Check In 4

The readathon is wrapping up; only a few more days left (Sunday, 12 November is the last day).

I finished the base challenge last week, which gave me 140 points for Ravenclaw and 1384 pages read, and I’ve been trying–trying–to finish one or two books this week, but I’ve been failing miserably thanks to Nanowrimo. I’ve been so caught up with writing books, I haven’t set aside much time for reading them.

I was able to finish the Time Turner challenge this week, which is a book set in the future or past. I read a nonfiction book called Jambusters, which inspired one of my all-time favorite BBC shows, Homefires.

This was good for another 381 pages, bringing my total up to 1765, and eight books read. I’m hoping to finish The Aeronaught’s Windlass this week for Care of Magical Creatures (a book with an animal/mythical creature), and the Charlotte Bronte biography for the Hufflepuff challenge (a book with strong friendships).