Nano Boot Camp: Wrap up

It’s October 30. Only one more day until the kick off. There can’t possibly be more prep work, right? Wrong!

  1. For today and tomorrow, write 1500 words each day.
  2. Physically clear off your desk. Put away the junk. Check your stock of pencils, notebooks, and flash drives.
  3. Run any necessary maintenance tasks on your computer, and back up your hard drive. This is also a good time to create a restore point on your computer, should the worst happen (and it happens to me, EVERY. YEAR).
  4. If you have not signed up for dropbox, Microsoft’s cloud, or google drive, do so now. I like to keep a cloud copy and a digital back up (flash drive) of my work. I’ve had so many computer problems in the past few years, I no longer write directly on my computer’s hard drive.
  5. If you’re using a typewriter, replace the ribbon and give the machine a thorough cleaning and oiling. Stock up on paper. You might even want to number your pages in advance just to make things easier. Bonus: Go through the pages you’ve written for your prep work and calculate your average number of words per page so you can better track your progress once November starts.

Are you ready? Are you jazzed? I’m so excited!

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2 thoughts on “Nano Boot Camp: Wrap up”

  1. Only 15.5 hours away! Get at your desk, pick up your fountain pen or sit at your typewriter; get Ready, get Set, at zero hours GO!!!!


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