#HouseCupReadingChallenge Check in 2

Well, it’s week 2 of the readathon, and so far my to be read list has gone completely down the drain!

So far, I’ve read a total of 756 pages in books I’ve finished:

  • Year 4: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (complete)

This was my third attempt at reading a Sherlock book, but the first time I finished it. And I have to say…still not a fan. But, I can cross it off my list now as something I tried, but wasn’t for me.

Currently, these are my books in progress:

  • The Wild Girl (70 pages read so far)
  • Year 6: Homefires (64 pages read so far)
  • Year 7: Charlotte Bronte: a Passionate Life (94 pages read so far)

I’m hoping to finish Homefires and The Wild Girl this week (I know the Bronte biography will take me a while; it’s a brick).