Nano Boot Camp: Week 7

We’re almost there! Just two more weeks to go.

  1. Write 1200 words per day–at least 60% needs to be geared toward your nano novel. See last week’s post if you need ideas.
  2. Write 7 days per week
  3. Finish outlining
  4. Create your playlist, organize your netflix queue and TBR shelf. Make sure you have the tools in place to keep you “in the mood.”
  5. Look at your calendar. By now, most municipalities should have their calendar of events up on the Look for local write ins, and decide which you would like to attend. Mark them on your calendar and commit to those writing times. At the same time, make sure you are not overbooking yourself, keeping your schedule as clear as possible for the month of November.

I’m super excited about our writing events this year. On top of the usual write ins at coffee shops and local libraries, we’ll also be having a couple at a local writing museum/organization, Thurber House (those happen every year) and one at the museum where I volunteer! I am very tempted to show up in full costume with a period typewriter, but suspect this one will be on the third floor–and I really don’t fancy carrying the Woodstock through the parking lot and half the museum, then up to the third floor classroom while wearing a corset.

Do you have any events you’re looking forward to?

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