Nano Boot Camp: Week 4

It’s October now, time to start getting into some advanced-level prep work.

  1. Write 750 words per day
  2. Write 6 days per week
  3. Continue researching.
  4. Start working with your characters. Create a cast list, and include a few lines of description for each of your main characters. You may want to print this off so it will be handy when you start writing.

Later this month I’ll show you how I organize all my notes. Originally, I wanted to do a video for my dusty Youtube channel, but it turns into a comedy of errors every time I try (I only have a cell phone to record on, which invariably runs out of space. Laptop doesn’t have enough RAM to edit video. And the speakers on my desktop don’t work at all).

I will put together a blog post, it’s just going to take me a little while since it involves a lot of pictures, and a lot of text. I think you guys will find it interesting, though.

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