FO Friday: Bunny Rock Cap

I finally have a knitted object to show off!

I’ve been working on so many bigger projects lately, I really needed some instant gratification knitting–and what better than a hat?

The pattern this hat is based on is the Rock Cap by Veronica Wilson. It’s a free Ravelry PDF, and a super easy knit. I was about 50 yards short of the recommended yardage, so instead of knitting a 5″ fold over brim, I just knit a 1″ brim.

Other pattern changes: I did not go up a needle size after finishing the the brim, just because the brown yarn was a little thinner than the pattern calls for–closer to a sport or worsted than the heavy worsted or aran it calls for.

I wasn’t worried about that though, because the yarn I used was quite squishy–when under tension to knit it could be quite thin, but would plump up again as soon as I was done. It give the cap marvelous stretch.

The yarn is 2 kinds of Black Bunny Fibers. I got several mini skeins from them a few years ago in a swap, and wasn’t sure what to do with them, except that I wouldn’t be able to wear the end product. While the yarn is lovely, it’s way too rustic for my sensitive skin.

The teal is a wool/mohair/silk blend, and I had about 18 yards, which was entirely used up by the time I finished the brim. The brown came in 2 mini skeins of 30 and 50 yds each, and was labeled “Mystery wool 100%.” As pretty as this hat is, it will be getting donated because I simply can’t wear it. It is, however, perfect for a refugee charity I knit for, that specifically requests hand knit, hand wash items in 100% wool because they hold up better and are more suited for the climate. I found out about this project through Ravelry, and you can find more about the group here.

One “mistake” I made was overestimating the amount of yarn the crown shaping would take, so I ended up with a child’s hat instead of an adult hat. Since it’s for charity, though, I’m not worried–they need things for all sizes.

Since I didn’t use up all of the brown as intended, I cast on for another hat right away. More pictures on that soon!

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