Nano Boot Camp 2017: Week 2

It’s week 2 of our Nanowrimo training program, so we’re going to step things up just a little.

  1. Write 500 words per day
  2. Write 5x per week
  3. Last week you decided roughly what your story is going to be about. This week, identify anything you’ll need to research for the story. Make a list, and start reserving library books or finding sources. Begin any internet research.

How are you doing so far on your training? Did you write your blurb? Get 250 words in each day last week?

I confess, I’m off to a slow start. I did not do my daily word count, and I didn’t write my blurb. I’m trying to get a final round of edits on on All For One before I dive head first into Nanowrimo prep, and it’s taking longer than expected. Since my typical daily word count when I’m in writing mode is 1,000+ words, though, I’m not worried. I’ve been doing a lot of writing/rewriting, but because it’s an edit, I haven’t been counting words. I do know that between my outline and the rewrite, I put in about 1500 words over the weekend.

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