The Worst Kind of Busy

I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that I need to slow down. At least a little. At least temporarily.

The last two and a half months have been rough. Between deadlines and social/family obligations, I’m getting burnt out. I knew July and part of August would be bad. I was not expecting it to snowball into September.

Just to make things worse, my anxiety has been out of control for several months. But, with Ash out of work, I can’t go to the doctor. There’s no money for a copay, and none for specialists or medication or therapy.

I haven’t had more than one 7-hour night of sleep a week since June. The rest of the time, I’m running on 3-5 hours. Sometimes it’s due to anxiety-induced insomnia. Sometimes it’s because the cat is a jerk. Sometimes it’s because the neighbors are jerks.

I’m taking a September “off”–predominately for sleep, but also to try to take a few things off the to-do list once and for all. I need to finish my last edit of ALL FOR ONE and send it to the copy editor, and pick a cover artist. I wanted to get those done in August, but it didn’t happen. And then it continued to not happen. As my sleep deficit gets bigger and bigger, I’m falling behind on more things. I can’t concentrate. I’m actually thinking about moving the release of my next book back two months (more on that soon; I need to decide before I can announce the date), but if I do that it will probably also delay the release of All for One.

I’m not complaining–I love all of my commitments. My books, my events, my volunteering, all of it. It normally wouldn’t be a problem. But I’m exhausted. All. The. Time. A vacation would be lovely right about now, but I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon.

So, if you’ve missed seeing me on social media, that’s why. I’ll still be here on the blog and checking Twitter messages, but I need a break. The best way to reach me is still either Twitter or via email. I also try to respond to all comments left here on the blog, but WordPress doesn’t always notify me of them.

2 thoughts on “The Worst Kind of Busy”

  1. I fully relate to busy and no sleep. I’ve been running on 3 – 4 hours since our move in June. No sleep and programming does not mix very good at all. (Seems I just can’t stay sleeping) I do hope you can get some rest and you can relax during September. When the leaves start to turn take a drive in the country and a walk down a quite path if you have woods near you. Even a quite morning in a nice park. Do you have a good public health department medical center where you live? If so it may be an option for you.


    1. That stinks. I hope you can get some rest soon. I’ve done a little better the last few days, but I still have a long away to go. I’ve been trying to walk every day, reduce screen time, and watching my sugar and caffeine. As far as I know we don’t have any kind of public health center around here, but I could be wrong. My biggest problem is I perpetually fall into the category where the government/public assistance programs say I make too much money to get help, but once the bills are paid there’s nothing or next to nothing left. I got paid today, though, and I should be able to make one of my doctor’s appointments. Not sure which I’m going to do, though.


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