Nano Boot Camp 2017

It’s September. Do you know what that means?

Well, aside from another year without a Hogwarts letter, it means the beginning of Nanowrimo Season.

“Nano season?” you say. “But Nano is only 30 days! And not for six more weeks!”

Well, as long time readers of the blog can attest, I am a dedicated planner, and that doesn’t just mean outlining. It means preparing everything to maximize writing time, and to make that time as efficient as possible.

I’ve been doing these training camps for the past several years. They’re geared toward novices, either people who have never done Nanowrimo before or have tried and failed in the past.

We’ll be starting out slow, and then working our way up.

This week, we’re going to start with some pretty easy goals:

  1. Write 250 words per day, on anything.
  2. Write 5x per week.
  3. Write a 250 word blurb for your story–think of this as preliminary back cover copy, just jot down a few ideas about what your story is going to be about and who the main character is.

That’s it! If you’d like, you can comment below with your personal goals, or how you did this week. I’d love to see your blurbs!

So what is a blurb? How do you write one? Well, like I said, it’s basically the back cover copy for your novel. The overall idea is to give a brief summary that will sell your book, but since we haven’t started yet, don’t worry about that part. For now, it’s just a short summary. It’s almost like a mini-synopsis.

Still confused? Here are a few links that might help:

3 Steps to writing a back cover blurb that sells–this is probably the most succinct; just skip down to the steps, which are near the end of the post. We don’t need to worry about marketing just yet.

The do’s and don’ts of writing a blurb for your novel–Still lost? This provides a little more guidance on what to include and what to leave out.

17 tips on how to write a blurb that sells–this one is the most in depth. Peruse it, earmark it for later, but concentrate on just getting in those 250 words.

Check here every Monday for a few set of goals!

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