5 MORE things you didn’t know about the Evie Cappelli series

  1. Micha is demi-pan. I know I listed him as being just pansexual in my last round up of things you didn’t know, but the more I write his character, the more I realized he was on the asexual spectrum, and that gender is pretty meaningless to him, in terms of attraction.
  2. While the first draft of THE SPIDER’S WEB took about 7 years to complete from the first draft to the publication of the Torque edition, THE FERRYMEN only took about a year. Practice makes perfect, and outlines make all the difference. 🙂
  3. THE FERRYMEN takes place primarily in Chicago. It is the one location I’ve used in a novel-length work that I’ve never actually seen in person (unless you count from an airplane). This made things really challenging for me, since I write locations like secondary characters. It’s really hard for me to use places I’ve never been or that don’t really exist.
  4. Most of the characters Evie meets while in Chicago actually come from other Night Wars books, specifically The Hanged Man’s Ghost, The Hellfire Legacy, and Sleeping on the Job, among others. Much as I would like to take credit for Maddie, who inspired the Electrolite Socks, she is actually one of Missouri’s creations.
  5. Duck, a friend Evie makes while training in Chicago, is from my hometown of Columbus. The 2016-2017 season notwithstanding, we really do have what is probably the worst team in the NHL, but they still have a loyal following. Or so I’ve heard. I’m not much of a hockey fan, but Evie has been known to watch it on occasion. Hey, she’s Canadian. What did you expect?

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