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A Hard Thing

I know this isn’t one of my regular blog update days. But I didn’t think this could wait.

As you all know, we recently became a single-income household–not by choice. We’ve been doing what we can to rectify the situation, but it hasn’t been enough. Right now, we’re about $400 short of being able to pay rent this month.

I don’t like asking for help. I don’t like self-promoting. But we are in dire straits right now, and the only people Ash and I have to fall back on is our readers, our fellow authors, and our fans.

If you are of a mind to help, here’s what you can do:

  • We are both authors. You can find her amazon page here, and mine is here.
  • Ash is also an accomplished graphic designer (see my book covers if you don’t believe me. Her website can be found here. If you need a cover, ebook formating, promo graphics, or pretty much any other visual tool to help your business or your book blossom, you should really check it out. She also does consulting.
  • She also has a Society6 page.
  • And an Etsy.
  • And a Patreon.
  • Both Ash and I have ko-fi pages, where you can buy us a coffee.
  • Have you checked my Ravelry store lately? All of my patterns are now $1.99 or less.

No cash? I get it. But we could still use your help:

  • Leave a review for our books on Amazon or Goodreads
  • Spread the word about our products and services. Seriously, the more people know about us, our books, and what we do, the better right now.
  • I also do author appearances. If you would like to arrange for me to speak to your classroom, 4-H group, scout troupe, book club, or other organization, please contact me at author.sophiabeaumont (at) gmail (dot) com.

I hate doing this. But I hope you understand that if we weren’t desperate, I wouldn’t be asking. Right now, I don’t know how else we can keep a roof over our heads. Ash’s unemployment should kick in officially in September, so we just need something to get us through until then.

I’m also working up some freebies for anyone who signs up for my new mailing list. I promise, I won’t be spamming you–mostly, it will be a once a month or once every two months digest, mostly highlighting things like new releases and giveaways.

Thank you.