Q&A: The Ferrymen

When is this book coming out? 
September 5, 2017.

What is this book even about?


Nearly a year after her failed suicide attempt, Evie Cappelli is still seeing ghosts.

That’s okay, though. It’s landed her a high paying—but not glamorous—job in supernatural law enforcement with the Montreal Night Patrol, and Micha (the ghost of her fiancée in a former life) as well as her living, breathing friends are helping her get her mental health back on track. She’s even got temporary protection from the cult of Athena, who want her dead.

But when Micha suddenly becomes unstable, Evie will have to cross international borders and steal 2 priceless artifacts if she wants to keep him on this plane. That might be tricky when the Chicago Night Shift gets involved. She’ll need approval from Ian Mulhaney to cast such a powerful, dangerous spell, but with a serial killer, zombies, and a questionable group of psychics and necromancers roaming Chicago, Evie and Micha are at the bottom of his list of problems.

Time is running out, and Hekate’s protection is wearing off fast. Can Evie keep Micha—and herself—together long enough?

Where can I find the first book? 
Link to my Amazon page.

What formats will be available?
As always, both ebook and paperback editions will be available from Amazon.

Can I pre-order through Amazon?

Will THE FERRYMEN be available in Brick & Mortar stores?
No. I’m hoping to get both of Evie’s books into a local indie bookstore, but it hasn’t happened yet. You can, however, order hard copies through Barnes and Noble, and if enough people request it they may carry it in stores as part of the agreement with Create Space.

Does it matter where I buy my copy?
Not terribly, since it’s really only available in a few places. I do make more money on the purchase of hard copies vs. ebooks, however, especially if you buy directly from the CreateSpace store, instead of from Amazon.

Where does this book fall in the series?
If you are reading just my books, then this is book 2 in the Evie Cappelli series. If you are also a fan of the Night Wars books by Missouri Dalton (which take place in the same world), then the reading order is as follows (not including short stories):

  1. The Hanged Man’s Ghost by Missouri Dalton
    2.  Let the Good Times Roll by Missouri Dalton
    3. The Night Shift by Missouri Dalton
    4. The Hellfire Legacy by Missouri Dalton
    5. Sleeping on the Job by Missouri Dalton
    6. The Spider’s Web by Sophia Beaumont
    7. Station House Six by Missouri Dalton
    8. The Ferrymen by Sophia Beaumont

You do NOT need to read any of Missouri’s books to understand mine, though you may get more out of The Ferrymen if you at least read The Hanged Man’s Ghost, which introduces many of the overlapping characters.