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July Wrap Up

  1. Send out at least 1 query every week
    This did not happen. I was so busy, I didn’t have the time to invest in it. You would think sending query letters would be a quick thing to do, especially since it’s mostly copying and pasting, but it usually takes me about 15-30 minutes per email, mostly because I have to determine which agent at each agency is the best to submit to, then tweak my query letter to meet their MSWL.
  2. Release The Spider’s Web on Amazon
  3. Reduce the yarn stash by 50%
    HAHAHA NOPE. Not only did I buy yarn at the beginning of the month because my favorite budget sock line was getting discontinued, but I was also sent yarn by Kat at Cassiopeia Yarns. I know Kat from Ravelry, and she has recently opened an Etsy store selling her hand dyed roving and yarn. It’s absolutely stunning, so please to check it out. If you buy her yarn, then there won’t be any left for me to splurge on. My budget will thank you (and so will hers).
  4. Save for the moving
    This has been placed on hold indefinitely. In July, Ash’s employer decided to cut her position. Without the steady income from her day job, our budget has suddenly gotten much tighter. We’re okay, but trying to find ways to make it work without going completely insane.She’s taking this opportunity to officially launch her graphic design career. Many of you may remember Ash is responsible for all of my book covers. If you’d like to see more of her work, you can find her portfolio here. She has several packages available for writers, from promo graphics to cover art, but does other things, too. Take a peek at her website for more info.
  5. Read all the books on the night stand
    So far I’ve read 4 this year. Well, 3.5. I’m still working on one of them.
  6. Read at least 20% diverse books
    I did read 4 diverse books this month, which is more than I initially thought. Progress!


The Books:

29) Knit One, Girl Two by Shira Glassman D
30) I see London, I see France by Sarah Mlynowski
31) Evil Genius by Catherine Jenks
32) America’s Forgotten Pandemic by Alfred W. Crosby N
33) Poison or Protect by Gail Carriger
34) The New Year’s Party by R.L Stine
35) The Red Lily Crown by Elizabeth Loupas D
36) Maria Antoinette: the Journey by Antonia Frasier N

I am still 11 books behind on my goodreads challenge, which has been the story all year long. Still, I read 8 books this month and even if three of them are exceptionally short, I’m okay with that.

My favorite book was I See London, I See France. This is a really cute contemporary YA about 2 friends about to enter their sophomore year of college who go back packing across Europe. Usually I’m not a fan of romances, but I actually liked this one, and a lot of the travel stuff made me really nostalgic for my own time abroad.

My Books:

THE FERRYMEN will be out on September 5. I’m really excited because there’s also going to be a pattern released with it, and the book will include a promo code for a free pattern! You’ll also get a sneak peak at the last book in Evie’s trilogy, MOREAU HOUSE, which will be out next year.

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  1. Sorry to hear about Ash’s job. Hope you 2 can still move sometime soon. Better yet, hope she can find a job without much delay.


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