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Character Aesthetics: Micha

Continuing my series of posts of patterns that make me think of my characters, today we have Micha. If you’d like to see Evie’s collection, you can find it here.

As you can imagine, having a book set in Canada means knitwear is a pretty big part of my characters’ wardrobes. Especially since Evie, the main character, is an avid knitter. Even though Micha is technically not among the living, he really isn’t an exception to that rule, especially later in the series (shh!! Spoilers!). He’s especially fond of hats, and I picture him wearing a lot slouchy, textured hats.
This is Muratura, and I think it’s the type of hat he would pretty much live in from fall to spring.

In between the scarf and the hat, I found this hooded scarf. I think it would look really good with his signature leather jacket.
Robin Hood Bandana Cowl
I really love this Distinction shawl.

Of course, scarves and cowls are also a must in the Great White North. I can see him wearing the trianglar number on the left in shades of grey and green. I think the triangular shawl/bandana shaped scarf is much more his speed than a standard rectangle.


Of course, no collection would be complete without a sweater and some socks, right?

Petty Harbour
Espresso Machiato
Lower East Side

What do you think? Do you agree with my picks for Micha and Evie?