The Best Kind of Busy

The last two weeks or so have been insanely busy.

I’m not complaining, though. This is the kind of busy I like.

Village season is in full swing. I made a new skirt for House Divided, our big Civil War reenactment (pictures…eventually. I have some really bad ones right now, but I’d like to get some better ones.

There’s been a lot of sewing in general. I’m working on revamping my wardrobe a bit, and there’s a large stack of things I have fabric and patterns for but haven’t gotten around to making. Most of that is on hold at the moment, because I’ve got 2 bridesmaid dresses to make from scratch, and a wedding dress to makeover. A good friend Ash and I went to high school with is getting married in August. Their budget is incredibly tight, so I’m taking her mother’s wedding dress and updating it a bit to make it more her style.

In writing news, I’m a finalist in ShoreIndie, which means I’ve won the services of a lovely freelance editor for 7 seven weeks. We’re now on week 3, and while I’m a little behind, I know I’ll catch up. I was also working on a completely new manuscript, hoping to get it done for Pitchwars, but when I was only 25,000 words into it at the start of July, and knew it would need another 50,000 words plus a revision…well, I knew that wasn’t going to happen. So I put that on hold and pulled out an old book I wrote back in 2010. This one is complete at 42,000 words, but needs massive updates. Some portions will have to be completely re-written. I’m currently on page 40, and I’ve already added about 1500 words, and that’s just the light “I can change this now” revision. Some stuff I’m marking to come back to, after I’ve finished a full re-read.

When I manage to unchain myself from my desk, I’ve also had several family events happening. Two weekends ago was my birthday, and as we are now well into car show season, that means a lot of time spent in my poodle skirt and saddle shoes, drooling over gas-guzzlers I can’t afford while in the company of Mom & Dad.

And on top of everything, my day job has gotten a bit crazy, too.

It’s a bit of an adrenaline rush, but I’ll be happy when this weekend is over as things will slow down just a bit. I’m looking forward to having at least one day a week when I can relax and take my time with things, instead of plowing ahead like a maniac.

I’ll have pictures of the sewing projects next week!

2 thoughts on “The Best Kind of Busy”

  1. Congratulations on being a finalist. Seems like things are going well at the Village.
    And, A Belated Happy Birthday!


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