June Wrap Up

  1. Send out at least 1 query every week
    Done. 9 queries sent out.
  2. Release The Spider’s Web on Amazon
  3. Reduce the yarn stash by 50%
    Not yet. Haven’t had much time for knitting lately.
  4. Save for the moving
    Phase one complete. Phase two…?
  5. Read all the books on the night stand
    I’ve knocked 2 off so far…and then I  bought six. Oops.
  6. Read at least 20% diverse books
    I did read 4 diverse books this month, which is more than I initially thought. Progress!


The Books:

Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh
Rise of the Rocket Girls
by Nathalia Holt
Murder on the Home Front
by Molly Lefebure
The Underground Railroad
by Colson Whitehead
by Diana Gabaldon

My fav: Hyperbole and a Half is an absolutely hilarious book about mental illness and growing up just plain weird. This is one I’ll be coming back to on my down days.

My Books:

I’ve got a new serial up on Wattpad, ESCAPE. Think Criminal Minds. Willow escapes a toxic, abusive upbringing, but must face her past if she wants to move on with her life once and for all.

Big news re: THE FERRYMEN will be out in July, so stay tuned. In the mean time, starting tomorrow THE SPIDER’S WEB ebook will be on sale for just $.99! The sale runs through July 8, so if you haven’t gotten a copy yet you have plenty of time to catch up before book two comes out.

There’s more stuff coming down the pipeline, but for now that’s everything. The next couple of months are going to be super busy in terms of book news, so don’t go anywhere!


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  1. Good to see progress on your list. Since our move my list only grows. We’re finally out of hot and humid Florida and back in the great North. (it’s only white at times in the winter) Best of luck on your move.

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