Best Book/Writing Podcasts on Youtube

Last week I shared my favorite knitting podcasts, and this time I thought I’d show you a few of my favorite book related podcasts. Some of these are just review shows, others concentrate on the craft of writing or on publishing. If you were daunted by the long episodes on the knitting list, fear not. Writers are natural introverts, so most, if not all of these, average shows that are between 5-15 minutes long.

First, there’s iWriterly. Meg LaTorre-Snyder is a literary agent, and talks a lot about the ins and outs of the publishing industry, usually with a cheeky twist.

Another industry-related channel is the Historical Novel Society. This isn’t so much a podcast as it is a series of videos from conventions, with interviews and panels with authors of historical fiction. Sometimes they’re geared toward craft, other times it’s more about publishing itself, or research.

Claribel Ortega tends to divide her time equally between discussing publishing and craft. Her episodes are short, usually 5-10 minutes, and always very informative.

Read by Zoe is a review podcast. Zoe is completely adorable, and I love her reviews. Her travel videos are also worth a watch if you have time.

One of my favorite channels is Katytastic. Kat is funny, silly, and sincere. She splits her time between reading and writing, and has both reviews and writing advice. Just for fun, she also hosts “The worst cooking show on the internet,” Cooking with Kat. The cooking episodes have been on hiatus of late, but they’re very funny and worth a watch. I actually sat down and watched all of them one day, and it was enough to get me thinking about cooking a little bit, which pretty much never happens.

Jenna Morecci is another Youtuber worth watching just for the entertainment value. She’s a self published author, and talks a lot about writing, craft, and the challenging business side of self publishing. Jenna and Kat are my hands-down favs when it comes to book and writing podcasts. I always look forward to their videos.

Last but not least, I always start my week with Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire, hosted by Mindy McGinnis. I have to download this first thing on Monday morning, and it’s pretty much the only thing that gets me through that early start of the week. Mindy interview authors of all types, in multiple genres, who have followed different publishing paths, to get their take on writing, the industry, and sometimes more amusing and esoteric subjects as well. While not on Youtube, these are great audio-only podcasts, about :45 minutes every week, and you can subscribe through itunes.

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