Best Youtube Knitting Podcasts

I feel like there’s been some pretty heavy subjects on the blog lately, or maybe it’s just been the world in general getting me down. So I thought I would share something a bit more cheerful.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite knitting podcasts from Youtube. Below, I’ve embedded the most recent episodes of each, but they really are worth going back to watch earlier episodes if you’re so inclined.

First up, Off Our Needles. This is hosted by the Grocery Girls, a pair of sisters who started out with their own podcast and now work with to produce a high quality show that is both short and full of helpful info. I love that most of these episodes are about 15 minutes long, making it much easier to digest than the typical :45-1hr knitting podcast.

Inside Number 23 is probably the knitting podcast I look forward to most. Katie is utterly charming, and a talented-multi crafter. I’ve learned so much about sewing from her. Her projects always inspire me.

Yarngasm is another podcast that features a lot of sewing in addition to knitting.

Bad Wolf Girl Sits and Knits is relatively new, but Meg is sweet and funny and more than a little bit of a nerd. I love seeing what she’s whipped up recently, either in knitwear or in her dyepot.

Now that we’ve moved into a bigger place, I’m hoping to pull out my dye pots again. Since it’s been a few years since I’ve been able to dye anything, I started watching Chemknits to refresh my memory on the process. She makes gorgeous yarns and roving with just basic food coloring, and has given me so many ideas.

Hey Sister is another favorite of mine, though sadly they seem to have podfaded. Still, they have about 18 episodes up that you can peruse at your pleasure.

Lastly, the newest addition to my subscriptions and probably my current favorite is The Anxious Knitter. She’s still pretty new to the podcast game, but very sweet, adorkably funny, and makes some truly gorgeous knitwear.

I hope you enjoy these. Next week I’ll share some of my favorite book and writing podcasts.

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