Thanks, Ohio.

I’m really glad the weather has turned. Really. Being able to see the sun and go out without a sweater is wonderful. My flip flops were feeling neglected, and I’ve got my eye on a new pair of ballet flats. I can wear skirts to the office without freezing from the waist down, even with leggings.

But could someone please turn off the pollen? Just for a little while?

These cottonwood trees are killing me, and they’re everywhere. My eyes have been running so bad the last week or so that it looks like I’ve been watching Old Yeller on repeat. Allergy meds and decongestants do nothing. Eye drops work for a little while, but it’s been so bad that I’m having trouble sitting at the computer for anything longer than half an hour at a time. That makes things like blogging, editing, and writing extremely difficult. Most of my time has been spent spinning or knitting and listening to the tv.

Hopefully it’ll be over soon. Usually Memorial Day weekend (last weekend, here in the US) and the week or two following it are the worst. At least we’ve been getting a lot of rain, so that’s helped with the pollen.

In the mean time, though, I’m just going to lay here with a cool cloth over my eyes and hope it’s over soon.



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