GIVEAWAY! Also, chatter.

I’m back! We have officially moved into our new place. I’m still trying to find where I put everything (including my sanity), but we are moved, the cats are fine, and we made it to Cinici.

Moving was…let’s just say hell. Our truck got overbooked and had to be back 5 hours early. Then the movers were 2 hours late, leaving us 2 hours to load and unload as much as we could. We took the furniture, since it wouldn’t fit in the cars. Several car loads later, we caved and I rented a 2nd truck. Thankfully, we had help those last two days, or we never would have made it. We started taking stuff over on Friday afternoon, and by lunchtime on Monday my knees couldn’t take any more. 1 flight of stairs per armload x 6 armloads per carload x 4+ carloads per day = one very sore Sophia. I spent most of Tuesday limping. At final count I had 17 bruises on my left thigh alone, a goose egg on my right calf, one massive bruise on my waist from an incident with a box and a counter, and one bite from some asshole spider who managed to bite through at least two layers of clothing while I was clearing out the storage unit.

There’s a reason spiders represent the antagonist in THE SPIDER’S WEB.

Anyway, that bruise on my waist meant no corsets for me the following weekend at symposium. Which meant some 11th hour costume changes as I tried to completely rethink my wardrobe. In the end, it came out for the best. For the first time ever, I fit EVERYTHING into one carry-on size suitcase and a hatbox. Normally, Ash and I each take a trunk. Yes, a trunk.

I didn’t get a chance to take many pictures, but I did get a few. They are up on my instagram account (@knotmagick) if you want to have a look. Actually, the outfit on the left is the one I’m wearing at work today, though without the hat, shawl, and project bag.

This week things are slowly getting back to normal. We have most of the boxes out of the living room, and are working on the kitchen/dinning room. Somehow, all but two of our pots and pans have vanished. We’ve been through every box, but haven’t seen hide nor hair of them. We wanted to replace them, anyway, but it wasn’t a planned expense for this week.

In other news, I’m hosing a giveaway! I first posted about this on my Instagram account. If you reply to any of my contest posts (Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or on the blog, etc), you’ll be entered to win a signed copy of THE SPIDER’S WEB. Sharing/reblogging/retweeting will get an extra entry. I will ship anywhere in the continental US, but I do have 1 book earmarked for an international winner, if there are any entries from abroad. Just make sure I can contact you about your prize! The contest will run through May 24.



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