The Night Wars Collection–March 28!

That’s right, the Collection is coming back!

Ash is hard at work on the cover as we speak, and the final edits are done, and the book will be out on Tuesday, March 28, 2017. Mark your calenders!

As always, a new book means it’s time for some Q&A! If you want to see the original Q&A post I did for the first release, you can click here.

Wait, what do you mean, “first release?” Is the book already out? I thought this was new!

Not new, exactly. The Night Wars Collection was first published last fall, by Torquere. However, Torque changed a lot of our vision for this collection, and didn’t follow through on a lot of other things. Now that Torquere is closed and Missouri and I are self-publishing the collection, there have been several changes made to bring this book back to our original vision.

What kind of changes?

Mostly, this has involved changes in tone and wording. Most publishers have very specific “house styles.” This style doesn’t always match up with the way an author writes. Missouri and I have decided to use the original text, before these stylistic changes.

In addition, IN DEFENSE OF MUSHROOMS, the novella that came out last year around this same time, is now back in the collection, where it was originally supposed to be. Torquere had us remove it, because for some reason teenagers having sex is inappropriate for an adult audience, but a-ok for a YA audience, in their view. I don’t pretend to understand it and we had a very long discussion about it, but go figure.

At any rate, the collection now contains three stories by me (instead of two), and ten by Missouri.

What are the other two stories?

THE TEN OF CUPS is a short story featuring Adam and a new character who will become important later on in Evie’s series, and in L’ILE DES SOEURS, we’ll flash forward about eight years and see Evie and Micha after they’ve taken their positions with The Night Patrol, Canada’s paranormal police force.

What formats will be available?

One of the things Torquere never followed up on was producing the paperback edition of the book. Since we now have total control over the process, I swear on all things yarny that there will be a paperback edition, as well as an ebook. No lie. Hand to god.

Can I pre-order through Amazon?
Right now, it doesn’t look like it will be up for preorder, but if that changes I’ll let you know.

Will The Night Wars Collection be available in brick & mortar stores?
Unless you have a really, really amazing indie book store near you, probably not. While you will be able to order the book through the Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites, physical copies will not be available in store. You can save yourself the hassle by just getting it straight from Amazon.

What about that cover art?

I can’t give you a preview just yet, but I should have it soon. You guys will be the first to know once I get it. We can’t use the original cover, because it belonged to Torquere.

Have a question I didn’t address here? Leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer it!