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img_20170207_200431_984Weren’t expecting another sewing segment so soon, were you?

Neither was I.

I found this fabric a couple of weeks ago when I took my mom to Walmart, and fell in love with it. It’s bold, it’s in one of my favorite color combinations, and I thought it would make a perfect skirt or dress.

At first, I thought about just making another full skirt, but as I was flipping though my patterns, I came across another vintage pattern I picked up around the same time as the Walkaway dress.

7970da1911921e8aee353cd97066435dThis one is from the early 1960s. My copy is actually for a 31″ bust…so once again, heavy pattern modification was involved, though it wasn’t as much as I thought.

For starters, I added about 2″ to each side of the pattern. This was way too much in retrospect, but I’d rather have too much fabric to work with than too little.

I had to move the apex of the darts out about an inch or inch and a half, and add a second dart to the side of the bust because it wasn’t laying correctly. I’m not entirely certain what caused that–if my first dart wasn’t big enough, or if the placement was incorrect. I’m still having difficulty with sewing darts, though I think it’s improving.

Because of the modifications to the pattern pieces, the facings had to be re-drafted. Once the dress was basted together, I laid it back out on the fabric and traced out new facings.

The dress includes a pattern for a belt, but this fabric is so busy I didn’t want to use the same material. I’m going to look for a brown belt the next time I’m at target, hopefully the elastic waist-cinching kind and not the (faux) leather hold-up-your-pants kind.

The last change I made as adding pockets. Every dress can be improved by the addition of pockets.

I didn’t like the pencil skirt, and I didn’t have enough material left for the full skirt, so I cut the remaining fabric into panels and made it as full as I could. If I could do it again, I’d get another half yard or yard and add one or two more panels.

My next sewing pattern will be one that is actually my size–should be pretty easy, after all this!

And as promised, a shot of the red skirt, with the leftover fabric from the walkaway dress I mentioned last week:

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