It’s finally here!

spiderswebsmallGuys! It’s up! It’s here!

THE SPIDER’S WEB is out now!

I just got confirmation from Amazon that both the ebook and paperback editions are available.

I’m not sure why they are coming up on 2 different pages instead of 2 editions of the same book. I’m going to look into it later this week.

Make sure when you order, you are getting the black and white cover pictured to the left, and NOT the brown & orange cover (1st edition). Amazon is still processing the copyright notice to take down the Torquere copy, but it might be a few days, so please, please make sure you’re using the links above.

I will have paperback copies for sale in April when I go to Symposium, so you can also buy them there.

I set up the paperback through Create Space, so it will also be available at public libraries, indie bookstores, etc, but you’ll have to ask for it! (Please ask for it!)

And as always, the best thing fans can do is to spread the word about the book, and to leave a review on Amazon/Goodreads–once the Torquere copy is taken down, I will lose all my reviews, so please help me build them back up!

Thank you to everyone who made this possible: Readers, friends, and fans. Evie wouldn’t be here today without you.

Got questions? Comment below, or check out my handy Q&A post.

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