Goals: Old and New

The goals of 2016:

  1. Be active for 30 minutes 5x per week.
    Maybe this year I will have more success than last year, though so far January has not been promising.
  2. Polish 3 manuscripts
  3. Pay off 2 debts
    I have 2 specific debts in mind. I’m almost there; I want to knock them off my list this year.

I’m going to call 2 out of 3 successes a win. I did okay at #1 over the summer, but got derailed in the fall–I kept getting sick or injured. Nothing serious, but just enough that all I really had the energy or ability to do was lay around knitting and watching tv.

I did revise/polish 3 manuscripts. Unfortunately, 2 of them are tangled up in the Torquere implosion, so I’ve only got one I can query right now. That is first on my list for 2017 goals.

I also managed to pay off two of my debts.

For 2017, here’s the new list of goals:

  1. Send out at least 1 query every week
    I’ve been slacking off on my queries the last few months. I need to get back to it.
  2. Release The Spider’s Web on Amazon (once rights have been returned)
    I can’t move on this just yet, but while I’m waiting for my return of rights letter I’ll be revising Evie’s first book and working on the subsequent books. I can’t give you an idea of the release date yet, but I promise you guys will be the first to know.
  3. Reduce the yarn stash by 50%
    I’ve got 2 moves planned in the next 2 years–one of them will be long distance, so I’m starting the process of reducing the amount of stuff I own now.
  4. Save for the moving
    Moving is expensive. Especially when it’s over 1000 miles.
  5. Read all the books on the night stand
    Some of the books on my night stand have been there an embarrasingly long time. I want to read them and decide once and for all if they are books I want to keep, or if they are going in the massive pre-move destash.
  6. Read at least 20% diverse books
    I wanted to read more diverse books last year, and did horribly. I actually have a list of diverse books I want to read, but most of them aren’t available on audio (either they haven’t been made into audiobooks, or my library doesn’t have them). Specifically, I want to read more LGBTQIA books, and books by people of color.

That’s a much longer list than I usually have. It’s going to be a busy year!

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