Nano Check In: Week 3

How’s it going? On par? Behind? Already past the finish line?

I compared this year’s stats with previous years, and this is far and away my most difficult Nanowrimo ever. I’m just barely holding steady at par; usually I keep 1-2 days worth of words in the bank, if not more. I actually skipped writing altogether one day this week, but was able to put in a good chunk of words over the weekend–apparently my brain has decided that instead of writing action packed sleuthing scenes that are usually my bread and butter, with would rather write fluffy romance–and I usually avoid romance like the plague. But hey, whatever gets the words down.

I do think that regardless of where this book is on November 30, I’m going to shelve it for a while at the end of Nano. I’m just not in the head space for it. I fought with it all month, more from a sense of obligation and from being too stressed out to come up with something new, and I just want to let it go right now. I love the world and the characters, and have no doubt I’ll be back at it soon enough, but for now it’s just not working for me. Instead, I’m going to concentrate on querying Off the Rails, and probably finishing the third Evie book.

And probably on doing a whole lot of knitting.