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Stress Knitting Finished Objects

socks-0With all these socks I’ve been knitting, I guess you could say I’ve really been stepping it up, huh?

It felt so good to get these teal socks off the needles. I started them way back in July, as one of my village crafting projects. I worked on them off and on, but my new character for the 1890s is focused more on writing and suffrage, so I found myself doing a lot less crafting this summer.

socks-03The pattern is Hermione’s Everyday Socks, and it’s the second time I’ve made this pattern. My first pair was a birthday gift for my mother, but these are mine. ALL MINE. I used Knitpicks Comfy Fingering. I think the color is Planetarium, but I’m not entirely certain. I think for this yarn I probably should have gone down a needle size in retrospect because the fabric is really loose–not the best for socks. But they area really comfy, the fit is great, and I love the color. And it’s not like I’m running marathons or going on long distance hiking trips, so I’m not too worried about it.

img_20161112_080034My second pair of socks is the same pattern, also using Knitpicks, though this time it was Stroll Handpaints in Hollywood.

This yarn was so frustrating at first. I tried three different patterns before I found one I liked–as much as I love the colors, they pooled really bad. Normally pooling doesn’t bother me, but this was BAD bad. I finally solved the issue by replacing the purl stitches in the leg/foot pattern with a s1, yarn in front. For the gusset, I had to resort to knitting from both ends of the ball on alternating rows to avoid getting vertical stripes down the foot since it number of stitches for each round lined up almost exactly with the length of each color repeat.


I’m really happy with both pairs. The Hollywood socks are so bright and cheerful, they just make my day. I’ve still got a bunch of yarn leftover, and I’m considering a colorwork sweater–sometime, next year, maybe.

Oh, I also got to try out my brand new sock blockers! This was my first time blocking socks, and I have to say I really noticed a difference! Usually I just throw my socks in the washer and dryer (yes, even the hand knits. Sue me), but the handwashing/blocking really makes a difference in the fit and the fabric. Now I think I need a second pair of sock blockers so I can start washing 2 pair at once and leaving them in the bathroom to dry (I miss having a laundry room).

But wait! There’s more!


Lastly, I bet you weren’t expecting to see this! According to my Ravelry project page, I cast this on a little under a year ago–sometime in December 2015. I got halfway through the color work before ripping back to the ribbing and starting over. But it’s done now, and I got to wear it for Thanksgiving.

I’ve still got the purple socks on the needles, but hope to finish them this weekend. I’ve also pulled out an old sweat that’s been languishing for nearly a year and have started working on it again. You can bet there will be more pictures to come!


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