Stress Knitting WIPs

My stress levels have been through the roof lately. I really, really need a vacation.

I present the evidence:

20161117_215406Do these socks look a little familiar? It’s the same yarn I attempted to make socks with a while back, but wound up frogging. I’m once again using the Hermione’s Everyday Socks pattern, but making the leg shorter since that is what the recipient prefers. I can’t say I object–after knitting this pattern four times in the last year, three times in the past four months, I can finally say I’m starting to get bored with it, even if it’s still my favorite sock pattern.

I’ve also been working away at the sweater vest. Last time you saw it, I’d just finished the colorwork portion. And here we are now:


I’m getting ready to split for the V neck. Once I finish the straps, I’ll just have to graft them together and do the edging. I should have a new sweatervest to wear by the end of the year (maybe the end of the month at this rate).

I’ve also got 2 finished objects to show you, but I want to save them for next week–especially since one of these projects might be joining them!

1 thought on “Stress Knitting WIPs”

  1. Choose one of your favorite peaceful places you can visit in a week end and on the spur of the moment when you leave work on a Friday head out until you need to return Sunday. I found my most relaxing vacations were the ones I quickly decided on as I was leaving work on a Friday and aimed the car a different direction than my house. No plans. No reservations. Relaxation.

    Option 2 — spend a quiet day in the library in a hidden corner.

    Have a great week end.


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