Nano Check In

How is November treating you? Are you writing like the wind?

I’ve been lucky this year. I have a lot of down time at my day job, and I’ve been using it to do a good chunk of my writing. So far, I’m making a pretty strong showing. (And now I’m going to go find some wood to knock on.)

I wanted to get ahead the first week, because after five years I know my Nano routine–usually around week three I start struggling to write every day, and by week four I’m suffering from burn out. I’m hoping to avoid that this year, since I’ve been writing pretty consistently for the last two years and my usual goal is between 1,000-1,500 words per day. But, I’ve also been sick a lot lately, and with the stress of the renovation and some other things life has thrown at me, I’m really not sure what November has in store.

Whatever happens, though, keep writing!