Wait, it’s November?

The last few weeks have gotten away from me. After being sick for over a month (bronchitis, my old friend, I did not miss you), we wrapped up October with a massive remodel–which has now stretched into November. In theory, all work is supposed to be done by the time I get home from work today. The reality? I’m not holding my breath. It’s already taken a week longer than our apartment complex said it would.

It’s been so crazy around here, I feel like I’m diving into Nanowrimo blind. Yes, I have an outline…but it’s a lot more vague than I usually prefer, and I’m not as into the story this year as in the past. My attention is being pulled in so many different directions, it’s been hard to sit down and really focus on writing. It doesn’t help that my desk is currently empty and sitting in the middle of the living room. And, just as it usually does, my computer started acting up on October 30. It’s like it knows when Nanowrimo is about to start, and plans all major issues for the beginning of the month. In the end, I ordered a new battery and that seems to have solved most of the issues. It is now running cooler and longer, and has been much more compliant when it comes to things like Netflix–which of course is essential to the writing process.

All of this means I’ve been spending inordinate amounts of time stress knitting. I don’t think I’ve knit this much since we were living at our old place, which was always cold. You know, the one where we racked up $1500 in fuel oil in three months just to keep the pipes from freezing. That was back when I was working in retail–and honestly, I don’t think I’ve been this stressed out since I quit that job.

At least this time, my stress is not work related. I’ve still been able to get a lot of writing done (see Dru Faust–entering her name in the search bar for the blog will pull up all current chapters and posts), but I’m looking forward to being more focused about it. I’ve been going in so many different directions of late, I really, really need a break.

Right now though, I need to get some writing done. I might need more coffee.