Hey, look over there!

No, over there!

That’s right, it’s a new release!


Now you can check here every Wednesday for a new installment of my latest venture, a YA mystery serial a la Nancy Drew. The first segment will be up tomorrow, but of course you know I have to do a Q&A first.

What is this story about, anyway?
The promo from my Tumblr page:

In 1922, seventeen-year-old Dru Faust is more concerned with volunteer work and assisting her chemist father in his laboratory than the burgeoning world of jazz and speakeasies.

When one of her best friends is poisoned after a night of dancing, though, Dru takes it upon herself to find the culprit. The police are overstretched and quite frankly, don’t seem interested in shutting down the local bootleggers. As more and more people fall ill, Dru races to find the source of the tainted liquor before it does irrevocable harm.

Wait, where did this come from?
I’m just incapable of not writing. I’ve been wanting to do a serial for a while, and also an armature sleuth. I’m just doing this for fun, and thought I would share it with all of you.

This doesn’t sound anything like your other books.
Well, that’s because it’s not. Dru Faust and the Devil’s Due is young adult historical fiction. No fantasy, no connection to Evie, Izzy, or the Night Wars in any way.

What formats will be available?
For now, it will only be available to read for free here on my blog and also on my Tumblr. Once the entire story is up, I’ll compile it into an ebook which will be available for purchase. More information on that when the time comes.

How long will the story be?
The entire story is about 30,000 words. Each installment will be an easy to digest 1,000ish words, give or take, or about the same as one of my longer blog posts.

When does it go live? 
The first installment will be up tomorrow, Wednesday October 26. New sections will be up every Wednesday.


More questions? Leave a comment below!