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The Witching Hour

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Dr. Jacob Thompson is a respectable member of his Puritan community, if a little odd. He’s kept to himself since the last member of his family died.

But his sister, Sarah, still lingers, bearing a warning from beyond the grave: if he doesn’t complete the yearly protection ritual, Maple Valley will fall into the same chaos that tore through Salem Village just months earlier.

He may not get the chance, however, when Marcus Swan, an inquisitor fresh from the trials at Salem, passes through the village. Suddenly, the Elders are looking on Jacob’s eccentricities with suspicion.

But there’s more to Inquisitor Swan than meets the eye. Jacob has been dreaming about him for months. Still, the question remains–is Marcus Swan his doom, or something else altogether?

Originally published in 2012, this edition is fully revised and features new cover art by Ash K. Alexander.