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Miss me?

I’m back!

The past few weeks have been something of a mess. I’m still not ready to talk about the issues behind this break, but  you will probably be hearing a lot more about it soon.

I was able to get quite a lot done, but I think my to do list has gotten longer, instead of shorter. But! There was knitting!

I love this vest so much. I love the color work, and the way it almost looks like stained glass. Every time I take it out, either to work in public or at a knitting meet up, I get tons of compliments on it. I can’t wait until it is done.

My other current project hasn’t been getting quite as much attention, but it moves along pretty quick when I do sit down to knit on it. I’m actually revisiting a pattern I made earlier in the year, and really enjoyed. Hermione’s Every Day Socks is a super easy pattern, and it moves pretty quick. There’s just enough texture to keep things interesting, while also being pretty mindless to work on.

I also did some sewing, but most of it was in the form of mending or alterations, not crafting new things. I did start a new costume for the village, but that is on hold while I look for more fabric. I had just enough to finish the blouse, but then I screwed up the sleeves. Ah, well, c’est la vie. I haven’t decided yet what my fix will be, or if I’ll have to modernize the blouse by making it sleeveless.

Of course, in addition to the crafting, I’ve also been doing a lot of writing, even starting 2 new projects (though I really shouldn’t have…but they were so tempting!). More on those later, though.

There’s lots of new stuff that will be showing up this week on the blog, so stay tuned!


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