In Defense of Mushrooms & 2 great promo codes!

indefenseofmushrooms1400That’s right! Just a week after the release of The Night Wars Collection, and already my next book (well, novella) is up for pre-order! And if you want a discount, you can save 15% on In Defense of Mushrooms or any other Torquere book if you pre-order through their website with the code “preorder15”.

Want to know more? The Q&A post for IDM will be up soon, and in the meantime you can find a blurb and info about all my books here.

Want some instant gratification? You can save 25% on The Spider’s Web or the Night Wars Collection (or any other already released Torquere book) with the code “BTS16”. Remember, the discount codes are ONLY good on the Torquere website, but you can still find my stuff on Amazon,,, or a variety of other internet retailers. I’m not sure how long they’ll be good, though, so use them while you can!