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Coming Soon: In Defense of Mushrooms

The smaller package had Izzy’s name on it, but she’d told me to keep an eye out for a birthday present. And since my birthday was technically over, it couldn’t hurt to open it, right?

I cut through the tape, peeling back the cardboard. Inside was a thin, print-on-demand paperback. More novella than novel, the front cover had a close up of a tattoo–a familiar tattoo. The orange and green snake was poised to strike, but it’s coiled tail was wrapped around a heart. The title read, “Adder’s Breath,” and listed Izzy as the author.

There was no summary on the back. Inside, I found the dedication:

For my lovely Evie, so you will always know how much you are loved, even when I can’t say the words out loud.

Intrigued, I flipped to the first page and began to read.

The Spider’s Web, chapter nine

Oindefenseofmushrooms1400fficial blurb:

Isabella “Izzy” Cappelli has always been a troublemaker, and it’s putting a strain on her family. Now a fling with a handsome stranger has left her with an unexpected surprise, and things with her family are worse than ever. Can she change course, or is she really the failure everyone says?

IN DEFENSE OF MUSHROOMS, the Evie Cappelli prequel novella, will be available on September 21 from Torquere Press! Stay tuned for more info and preorder announcements and discounts!