Night Wars Collection available for preorder!

night wars collection coverThat’s right! You can now preorder the Night Wars Collection, a compendium of all of the Night Wars short stories thus far, as written by Missouri Dalton, and featuring two of my short stories.

In The Ten of Cups, you’ll meet Isaiah, a cousin of Evie’s who will be showing up more in her subsequent books.

Recovering from a recent breakup, he’s unsure what path he should take. The universe is giving him signs, if only he can decipher them…

In L’Île des Sœurs, we flash forward and see Evie as an adult, in control of her powers and more confident in herself. More comfortable in the background, an urgent case pulls her out of the office and into the front line. Between haunted wedding dresses, cursed objects, and sparkling vampires, she’s more than got her hands full. But what’s Micha up to?

For a full description or to pre-order an ebook, click here. Paperback copies will be available for Amazon…soon. Not sure if they will have a pre-order option up or not, but I’ll let you know when I find out.