We all do it. I know I’m horrible about it. Back in March-April, when I was so low on energy the average garden slug was outpacing me, I reach new levels of procrastination. I would come home from work, intending to rest for half an hour because I was just so exhausted, and then discover three or four hours had passed and the only thing I’d “accomplished” was turning on Netflix and mainlining 3-4 episodes of The Flash (seriously, I think I need a 12 step program for my Flash addiction. I love the show in general, and Cisco Ramon in particular. I think Missouri is getting sick of it, honestly).

I’m no longer exhausted when I come home from work, but I have been very reluctant to do….anything. At least, anything that doesn’t involve reading or writing.

It doesn’t help that I just got a new phone, and have downloaded a few apps that are incredibly detrimental to my productivity:

Neko Atsume was the first one–it’s adorable. Apparently, I don’t get enough abuse from my own cats meowing at me in the night because they can see the bottom of the food bowl, or throwing up on my bed out of spite. No, now I need digital cats, too. At least these cats are cute and don’t keep me up at night–or eat gourmet food due to sensitive digestive tracts. It’s just plain cute, and good for a fifteen second sanity break when I get stressed out.

The second game, Sailor Drops, is slightly less so–okay, a lot less so. In fact, it can be downright frustrating as hell. It’s basically Candy Crush for anime fans. Need I say more? I have an unhealthy obsession with it.

My other distractions aren’t as new–at least, not as new to me. Tumblr and Twitter are huge time sinks for me, but they’re much easier to justify than Sailor Drops because I interact with a lot of writers, readers, and publishing professionals on both platforms (also, Tumblr has kitten pictures). That means I’m furthering my career, right?

My last BIG DISTRACTION has been youtube. Surprisingly, I haven’t found and knitting channels that I really like, but I love watching author, reader, and planner/productivity videos. I’m not even sure why I enjoy watching the latter category so much; I find it very satisfying somehow to see how other people manage their time and track the things they need to do from day to day.

We won’t talk about the K-Pop videos. I’ve been listening to way too much Korean music lately. I’ve found that it’s great background when I don’t feel like listening to instrumentals, but need to concentrate and find English language lyrics distracting.

If you’re looking for a distraction, here are a few of my favorite channels:

StrangeCharmed–planners & productivity

Jenna Moreci–writer and generally amusing person

Epic Reads–book recommendations and short, comedic videos about being a bibliophile

Along the Lanes–the only knitting/crafting channel I follow

AOA–Possibly my favorite Korean pop group at the moment



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  1. Oh, the digital world of distractions. I know it well. I clean off the top of my desk and all is organized for a day or two. Then it it time to watch (for hours) something on YouTube and I re-clutter my desk, it never ends!


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