What’s Next?

Just stopping by real quick with an update. We’re getting into the busy season–for me, anyway–what with the museum, and edits, and car shows, and family gatherings. Just last weekend I was up at my grandma’s, visiting with some family from Canada that I haven’t seen in about five years, and I’m already booked pretty much solid every weekend from now through the end of July.

In between the working and the traveling and the playing dress up (ha!) I’m still making lots of time to write. My current WIPs include the following:

  • two projects that will officially be announced later in the summer. These are in the final stages of editing right now.
  • Evie’s second book. My beta reader has taken a look at it, and it’s in the “cooling off” stage before I start revising.
  • Something new and totally different! I’m stepping back from contemporary fantasy to work on a Civil War-era murder mystery with a supernatural twist. I think I’m on the next-to-last revision with it; I need to finish tweaking a couple of scenes, then it will be off to my beta reader. I’m trying really, really hard to get it all polished up, nice and shiny for #Pit2Pub on Twitter on July 13.

So, even though summer hasn’t technically started, I do have quite a lot planned, so stay tuned!

P.S. If you use the code PRIDE2016 you can get 35% off The Spider’s Web, or any other Torquere book of your choosing through the end of the month!


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