Four Years

Four years ago this month, my very first story was sent out into the world. Birds of a Feather was a short story released in 2012, and was a romantic comedy about a Wereflamingo:

Eric has always been wary when it comes to intimate relationships. The fact that he turns into a flamingo when the full moon is out really doesn’t make it easy to find a boyfriend–or to keep one. Even after ten months with Dan, he still hasn’t gotten up the nerve to share his secret.

But Dan has been offered a new job on the other side of the country, and Florida native Eric is having trouble explaining why moving to the mountains would be a bad idea. He’ll have to shake a tailfeather if he wants to convince Dan to stay before it’s too late.

Things get even more complicated when a new Were shows up in town. Eric might be moving north, whether he likes it or not, but it may not be in the way he thought.

It’s been out of print for a while now, but if you’re afraid you missed your chance, no worries! It’s now available for free on Goodreads, with shiny new cover art courtesy of Missouri Dalton.

birds of a feather cover