ohio village

Time Jump

Last weekend was our season opening at the village. It was busy, and exciting, and so much fun, even if we did get rained out on Saturday afternoon.

Since we have moved into the 1890s, I’ve updated my character a bit. Instead of working for the Sanitary Commission like her predecessor, Miss Charlotte Brown (so named for Charlotte Bronte and Charlotte Perkins Gillman) dedicates her non-writing time to the suffrage movement. Which mostly means that when I have downtime in the village, I’m tempted to march around the square singing:

Too bad that neither the song nor Marry Poppins were around in 1898.

I was also very excited by a new addition to our opening weekend. Some of you may remember that I have a penchant for matching my outfit to vehicles:

In 50s regalia with the ’53 Chevy.

I was not expecting to be able to match my outfit to a vehicle in the village!

Pictured is a 1903 Ford. A reproduction, but beautiful and very well done. And the man responsible was both charming and funny–a delight to talk to as he drove volunteers and patrons alike around the village.


I also dropped off the Woodstock at the Newspaper office. Mr. Klosterman and I will be sharing it for the time being, either until the Museum finds a more suitable machine or until I can get the Oliver up and running. For the moment, we’re keeping paper in the platten at all times to hide the logo. The kids have been entranced by it, and it’s always fun explaining to them why there isn’t a “1” key. One girl got very frustrated when she realized the backspace key didn’t actually erase her mistakes.

I’m a little sad not to have the Woodstock in the apartment anymore, but it is only on loan and at least this way it can be used and loved, by myself as well as others, instead of collecting dust on a shelf as I try not to annoy our neighbors.

Some of our other new additions include bicylces, which I am eager to try. I made an attempt at the adult tricycle, but found it very difficult to steer in the gravel–and even harder to mount, while wearing a skirt and heels! Clearly, I need to make myself a split skirt or bloomers. Wouldn’t that be a shocking thing to wear to a suffrage rally?