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It is a long established fact that I spend a little too much time with the Netflix. I’ve waxed poetic again and again about my favorite costume dramas, and while shows like Pan Am, Bletchley Circle, and the Murdoch Mysteries are still very high on my list, it’s more than time for a little new blood, don’t you think?

If you feel like storming the castle…

Try Mulan, Rise of the Warrior. The story line is very, very similar to the Disney version, but the title character in this Chinese film is way more bad-ass. You’ll have to go to Netflix DVD to get it, though, as it isn’t currently streaming.

If you’re feeling romantic…

Then there’s When Calls the Heart. This is a currently airing series in Canada, and the first two season are on Netflix streaming. Set in rural Ontario around 1910 or so, it follows a wealthy young woman who leaves her life of luxury to be a school teacher in a backwoods mining town rife with corruption. Equal parts Dr. Quinn and Christy, (though without the medical drama-based story lines), this is a sweet, emotional series good for long marathons on rainy days (I would know. I watched the entire thing in a week while I was sick).

If you’re feeling curious…

You should try Raiders of the Lost Art. This made my art conservator heart beat a little faster with joy as they explored missing pieces of artwork the world over. IMDB lists this as a currently running series, but there is only 1 short season (6 episodes) up on Netflix streaming right now.

I’ll give you hint, though: the Nazis did it (probably).

If you’re feeling morbid…

Everyone knows Jack the Ripper, but the short (but still ongoing!) British series Murder Maps explores some of the gruesome crimes of London’s past that Jack had nothing to do with.

Or did he…?

If you’re feeling rebellious…

Try Female Agents. Typewriter fans will recognize Déborah François from Populaire (which has been on similar lists many times. Still one of my favorite movies). The story of five French spies working with the Brits in WWII, it’s as action packed as it is tragic. Warning: keep a box of tissues handy.

Bonus: While not technically in Netflix, I really can’t reccomend the iTv series Home Fires enough. I started watching just before iTv cancelled it (the announcement was actually made while I was in the middle of season 2), but there are many petitions going around to save the show, which has a very strong fan base–this might also be aided by the fact that the final episode is a cliffhanger, so be warned if you decide to give it a try.

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  1. Female agents sounds good! Think I’m going to give it a try. Still sad that Bletchley Circle didn’t get any new episodes for the last two years.


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