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Back in Character

The best part is that all of my accessories from the 1860s still match. No, I don’t have a favorite color scheme. Why do you ask?
I think that procrastination might be my new superpower.

Eh, who am I kidding? It’s always been my superpower.

I put off making the blouse for  my 1890s costume for six months because I was intimidated by the sleeve and collar construction. Turns out, I needn’t have worried so much.

The entire thing came together in 2 days, and while I did have to tweak the sleeve construction, I didn’t have to rip anything out or start over. As an added bonus, the buttons came from my grandma–who got a big box of buttons from her great aunt as a child, and never used them. There is a very good chance those buttons are actually from the time period intended!

I was able to wear the entire outfit on Sunday to our pre-season meetup, which was just for volunteers. I will be making a few changes to the costume (I’ve already taken in the blouse and made some adjustments to the skirt), but overall it is how it will be for the summer. My next task is going to be figuring out what to do with my hair. Gibson Girl updos aren’t easy to do with your own hair, so for the moment I’m sticking to a braided bun–easy and fairly timeless.

At our pre-season mixer, I dipped my toes into some easy recipes, both of which are good for afternoon teas. The first was delicious deviled strawberries (think strawberries stuffed with cheesecake). The second was a twist on my cucumber sandwiches. Apparently, there is something about white bread with butter and a slice of cucumber that my friends find irresistible when I make it (I don’t know why; there’s really nothing special about it), and made a cucumber spread, instead. I did alter the recipe heavily, though, so here is what I came up with:

Cucumber Spread

1 8oz package cream cheese

1tbs mayonnaise

1 large cucumber

1/2tsp each (or to taste): sale, black pepper, paprika, onion powder (or chives)

1 tsp (or to taste): parsley & dill

1 loaf of bread (crusts cut off)

slice cucumber in half. Peel and seed one half, chop and put into food processor with cream cheese, mayo, & seasoning. Blend until smooth.

Slice second half of cucumber into the thinnest rounds possible

Cut each slice of bread into quarters. Top with a slice of cucumber and a dollop of spread.