Music of the Night

Want to hear a few of the things I listen to when I’m writing?

While I do have playlists of songs that make me think of particular characters or stories, most of my writing happens to an instrumental backdrop. Here are a few of my favorites. I’m particularly fond of movie scores.

Music I own:
* Metropolis (music from the silent film), performed by the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra
* Selected songs from the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks
* The Interstellar soundtrack

The library of music I own is obviously much smaller than what I have access to online. My favorite Pandora station mixes movie scores with instrumental covers of contemporary pop/rock music (I love the 2 Cellos version of “Smooth Criminal”).

My go-to place to find new music was actually Amazon music. Last year, when I still had Prime, I had several playlists earmarked for writing, including one that was full of Civil War era music. Alas, I no longer have Prime, so I can’t link to or access those playlists anymore. Boo.

What music, if any, do you listen to when you’re writing?

1 thought on “Music of the Night”

  1. Music takes me many places. I find it great for creativity. Metropolis, fine movie and music. Sometimes I find enjoyable streams of an hour or two long on YouTube.


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