Spring Cleaning

For the last few months, I’ve been laboring under a bad case of knitting enui. None of my projects were interesting. I didn’t want to make anything. I hated all of my yarn.

I’m finally starting to shake off those doldrums–I’m taking vitamin D, spring has finally arrived so I’m getting more sunshine and exercise, and spring cleaning is in the air (or maybe that’s just dust).

At any rate, I cleaned out my sewing stash last weekend, and sent about 60% of it to go live someplace where it would be more appreciated (i.e. someone else’s house). That meant that it was time to tackle the yarn stash.

For months, it’s been tucked away in various places all over my room. A few balls here, a cone there. A box of abandoned WIPs. A suitcase with yarn tidily packed into bags with patterns and notes, waiting to be cast on.

I pulled it all out and dumped it on the bed, sorting through each skein, asking myself if I was *really* ever going to use it. That ruffle yarn I inherited from someone else’s destash? The gorgeous indie-dyed colorway that makes me itch? What about all of those balls of handspun? Or the endless balls of crochet thread?

In the end, I got it all down to one large tote and one medium tote, with two shoe-box sized totes leftover–one contains the yarn I’ll be trading/selling in the near future, and the other is for active projects (namely all of the dishcloths I need to make for Christmas presents).

I even found some unloved projects that were abandoned midstream. Since I hated the yarn for both and haven’t touched either one in over two years, I decided they need to go. Among those lost were the cabled sweater I started back in 2010, and a project that was intended to be a design sample. I frogged the latter, with some help from Hermes:

Laziest. Cat. Ever.

One of the colors I’ll be keeping, but that pink is going into the destash. The sweater just went in the trash wholesale; I could already feel the acrylic yarn breaking down (has anyone else noticed that slightly sticky feeling that Red Heart gets after a few years? It’s especially noticeable on projects that have been in sunlight or been washed/dried several times, but I’ve also noticed it on yarn that has just been in storage. It’s one of the main reason I’ve moved away from synthetic yarns as a whole and now work mostly with natural fibers or blends.

Now that I know what I have and have reacquainted myself with some long-lost yarns, I want to cast on a bunch of projects and get started, I just haven’t decided on what yet.

What spring projects do you have planned?

He didn’t even bother to get up, just kind of rolled over…

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  1. Hope to hear about your projects and maybe even see a few.

    You really do not want a list of my way too many projects.

    Hope you have a great spring!


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